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Fire Methodology

11/11/2019 (Permalink)

Is restoration possible after a fire blazes through your property? If you live in and around Rochester, NY, thanks to the innovative and proven strategies available from SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, fire damage repair is not only possible, it’s available right when you need it.

When a fire strikes, firefighters use water to calm the fire. This leaves you facing both water damage and fire damage. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County can handle both of these issues. They will work quickly to stop damage as soon as possible. An assessment of the damage is completed, and to prevent any further need for repairs, tarps are installed when necessary. If signs of water are detected, water excavation services are completed right away using specialized tools. Next, their trained technicians move on to eradicate any signs of smoke or soot from all the surfaces in the home.

When you hire SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, you can count on:

  • Fast Response Times: The company promises to respond immediately to your fire damage emergencies. The sooner a professional responds, the faster fire damages can be contained.
  • Certified Technicians: Their team of trained specialists include Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) and Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (SRT). Their experts can also tackle carpet cleaning, mold remediation, and more.
  • Their Approach: The company prides itself in a restore vs. replace mentality, which can save you money in the long run. This approach also allows you to keep sentimental pieces.

For more information on the fire restoration services offered by SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, visit them online or call (585) 723-1990 for emergency fire damage repair.

Electrical Fires are No Joke!

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

Modern electronics have revolutionized our way of life and most Americans use a whole slew of electronics each day that need charging. Without a doubt, electronics have improved the lives of millions, however home electrical fires are responsible for over 50,000 fires and $1.3 billion in fire damage losses in any given year. Thankfully, companies like SERVPRO of NW Monroe County specialize in tasks regarding fire damages and offer 24/7 services to mitigate losses.

In addition to their fire damage services, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County would like to offer electrical safety advice to all. First and foremost, for the little ones like children and pets, it is important to cover unused outlets to avoid any accidents. Similarly, keeping cords neat and tidy not only reduce clutter, but reduce the risk of a fire and fire damages. Appliances that generate heat should never have objects draped on them and should be given several inches of space for proper air circulation to avoid a fire and fire damages. A bit redundant, but electronics should never be used with wet hands for personal safety. Perhaps the most underrated advice is to unplug objects like phone cords and laptop chargers after using them. This greatly reduces heat buildup and the risk of starting a home fire and creating fire damages.

Following proper electrical safety guidelines exponentially reduces the risk of an electrical home fire and fire damages. While risks can be minimized, they cannot be eliminated and that is why companies like SERVPRO of NW Monroe County are dedicated to providing fire damage services amongst other specialties. For questions, call (585) 723-1990, visit their website, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

5 Things to Remember as a Storm Approaches

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

With storm season swiftly approaching New York, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County has been emphasizing the importance of emergency storm preparedness. As the Rochester, NY, area’s leading storm damage restoration experts, they are very familiar with the risks posed by storms, including the best ways to prepare for them. Here, they focus on the benefits of having a backup generator.

5 Benefits of Having a Backup Generator During a Storm

1. Don’t Get Stuck in the Dark

A backup generator, especially a standby generator that automatically kicks in during power failures, will ensure your home stays well-lit. Without having to rely on flashlights or candles, your family will be able to go about their business without getting stuck in the dark.

2. Remain Comfortable

Without adequate power, you won’t be able to use heating or air conditioning, which can be devastating if temperatures are extreme. If the power goes out this winter, for example, a generator will allow you to stay warm until regular power is restored.

3. Food Won’t Spoil

If a power outage lasts more than a few days, refrigerated food can easily spoil. But with a backup generator in place, your food will last longer, and you won’t have to rely on dry goods or eating out.

4. Maintain Communications

Storm damage restoration experts will agree that it’s vital to have radio contact — and even better to have internet and television access, too. This will allow you to stay apprised of weather updates and to reach out for help in case of emergency.

5. Control Flooding

Having a backup generator is especially helpful for preventing your basement from flooding. If you have a sump pump, devise a plan for how it can continue working, even during a power outage. This will save you a lot on emergency water damage repair costs.

If you live near Rochester, NY, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County hopes you’ll turn to them in the event you ever need storm damage restoration services. Just call (585) 723-1990 to make an inquiry. They have extensive experience in water and fire restoration, as well as other cleanup services, and take pride in helping people get their lives back to normal. For more storm damage restoration information, please visit their website.

What is Water Mitigation?

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

If the worst happens, and you find yourself with a flooded home or business, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County should be your first call to take care of water damages. They are the premier water damage restoration and mold remediation company for residents in and around Rochester, NY. No matter how large or small the project, SERVPRO of SW Monroe County has the emergency water damage repair strategies needed to bring your property back to its original state before the water damages.

If you’re facing water damage, you can count on SERVPRO of NW Monroe County for any and all of the following:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: Call SERVPRO of NW Monroe County any hour of any day. They will work with you to determine what materials and equipment they should bring to address your situation. Their technicians will arrive at your property quickly to begin restoration services.
  • Thorough Inspection Procedures: The professionals of SERVPRO of NW Monroe County are trained to perform an extensive examination of your property address any safety concerns. They will also move any furniture or items that could create stains or marks on your flooring.
  • Superior Procedures And Equipment: The technicians undergo rigorous (and ongoing) training through SERVPRO’s Corporate Training Facility, and maintain Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) industry certifications. They use advanced water removal and drying equipment to restore your home efficiently. Throughout the process, they document the steps taken to ensure that your home or business is ready to be inhabited.

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County is a proven and trusted leader in the industry, and as a locally owned and operated business, they are an invested member of the community. They will respond to a water damage emergency quickly to stave off secondary damage and mold. For more information about the services provided by SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, visit them online or call them at (585) 723-1990 today

If You Suspect Mold, You Should Act FAST!

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

Mold is never a welcome in any home or office building and must be dealt with swiftly. If you see mold or detect a musty odor, it’s important to get professional help. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County has been serving the needs of Rochester, NY's residential and commercial customers since 1967. These years of experience have made them experts in mold remediation and water damage restoration.

Complete mold remediation is virtually impossible because the tiny spores that lead to mold growth exist naturally everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. A musty odor or fungus growth indicated that the mold has gotten out of hand, and that’s why it’s important to get professional help right away if you notice any signs of growth. The professionals from SERVPRO of NW Monroe County provide mold remediation services, which will address the growth of mold spores and help keep them from growing into full-fledged colonies that can cause serious health issues.

Mold thrives in moisture, which is why SERVPRO of NW Monroe County also offers storm damage restoration. The team uses highly specialized equipment to locate and stop the source of the moisture that is feeding the mold. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, the mold remediation specialists at SERVPRO of NW Monroe County will spring into action to help residential and commercial customers clean up from extensive water damage quickly and efficiently so that mold doesn’t even have a chance to grow.

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County offers round-the-clock emergency service. At the first sign of mold, give them a call at (585) 723-1990. For more information on the services they offer including mold remediation, fire restoration, and carpet cleaning, visit them online.

Work for Someone That Cares

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of NW Monroe County we treat our staff, technicians and managers like we're part of a family. SERVPRO's mission statement is something we really connect with, understand, and implement into our daily operations. "To develop a team of quality people who focus on excellent service, fairness and mutual respect." The team we have and how we treat everyone here at SERVPRO of NW Monroe County directly contributes to our success with satisfying our customers.

Our team knows that the entire goal when we respond to a disaster call is to ensure the customer is happier when we leave. "Like it never even happened," isn't just a catch phrase, we truly aim to make each situation better and as if nothing went wrong in the first place. At every step of the mitigation and remediation process, you can rest assured that we're pushing ourselves to make the process as easy and pain-free as possible.

The Important of Business-Community Coordination

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County has been continuously involved in the development of the community. For us, this is an important factor in our business model because local wellness and healthy growth in the Monroe County area. Our involvement in community-wide coordination is a symbiotic relationship. Communities that coordinate with us benefit from best-in-industry services for any disaster or incidents. Rochester, NY and the surrounding Monroe County area is no stranger to damages from fire, storm, water, or mold, and each disaster is responded often by the community. When SERVPRO is part of your community, we respond as just another community member... Except we have the equipment and resources to make everything go much smoother and much better.

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County values the community involvement that we've built. The feedback we get from efforts involving community coordination are supremely valued. It allows us to refine and hone how well we are serving the community and how well we can serve the community in the future.

When we serve the community, through business or charity, we aren't just another company from the outside of the community. We experience the benefits and detriments that the community experiences. Instead of watching, we've decided to coordinate efforts with the community to make these experiences better. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County is here to make it "Like it never even happened." Hopefully this resonates with the Rochester and Monroe County communities and businesses and can use a similar model of coordination as we have.

Property Damages After Winter Storms

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

This is a home in Northern Monroe County that suffered storm damages after the icicles melted into the home.

Rochester’s weather is quite volatile, especially in the winter. One day it snows a few inches, and the next day the snow melts, and then the next day, there is a winter warning from the lake effect. There is no telling how much snow will fall, but when enough snow collects, there is a danger of property and storm damage and destabilization.

While new roofs can generally withstand 20 pounds per square foot of snow and pressure, not all roofs are new, nor are all roofs built to last. When a winter storm comes, there is always a potential risk of storm damages. This risk increases when snow becomes wetter and heavier. The fluctuation of the weather increases the risk of storm damages. Roofs are not only at-risk during winter storms however. During a thunderstorm or wind storm, roofs are the structure most exposed to the risk of storm damages. Unfortunately, storm damages are one of the few property damages that are difficult to prepare for.

If you ever find yourself in the tragic position of structural storm damages, you need to be able to rely on the company you hire to have your back. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County has been family owned and operated for generations and have been trusted by families for years. You can count on SERVPRO of NW Monroe County to make storm damages “Like it never even happened.” With questions, call the office at (585) 723-1990, visit the website, or find them on Facebook!

SERVPRO is for The Customer

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County is proud to serve the customer to our fullest capabilities, and sometimes beyond. Our goal every-time we respond to a call is to make sure the customer is taken care of with utmost care, compassion and integrity. Our slogan: "Like it never even happened." rings true with our customers because we really believe that when the job is done, the customer should feel relieved that they called SERVPRO.

Because SERVPRO of NW Monroe County is a locally owned and operated franchise, we have family and community ties. Some of the community ties are also very useful business ties. When we recommend someone after the job is completed for some odd service we don't offer, you can rest assured that they'll take care of you just as well as we did because they handle that for us too! We'd never refer you to someone we thought was not the best around.

We proudly boast a perfect five star rating on Google, Facebook, and Yelp! We're happy to see that our customers appreciate and enjoyed the services we provided. You probably won't be surprised, but we love providing the service. We know that we're always walking into an unfortunate situation with many variables to consider. We understand that each situation is unique. Although it may seem hectic, that's exactly why you should call us, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, because we'll help manage the chaos and work around some of the details to best serve you.

Don't Hire a Plumber for Water Repair

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County fills the unique role for water damage restoration and remediation. In Monroe County and Western New York, water damage from burst pipes, sump pump failure, or other common seasonal hazards should be handled by someone you trust.

In the Rochester and Monroe County area, we've seen many companies that primarily do plumbing start to offer water remediation and restoration services. This raises some concerns. Firstly, we'd love to think that everyone will complete a task with integrity, but if a company does your plumbing, they now have an incentive to do a poor job, because they now offer services that allow them to "double dip" on the job.

A larger concern with these companies reside in the nature of water damage remediation and restoration. When we respond to a call about water damage, most of the time the customer noticed the problem right away. But, sometimes the customer just found out about a problem that may have been festering for quite a long time. If this is an issue with water, the longer it's been festering the more likely mold has started to develop. And unless your plumber is also an expert with cheese, we would recommend calling an expert in mold remediation.

When we respond to a water damage, we're on the lookout for mold because the two go hand in hand. The longer mold is left alone, the more damage it will cause. At SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, when we say it'll be "Like it never even happened" we mean it. But, if you call a plumber to take care of the water damage and they don't see the mold, you'll remember the moment you saw the water damage when you uncover the mold later on.