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Get Rid of that Winter Salt Residue

3/23/2021 (Permalink)

A lot of apartment hallways are furnished and during the winter, rock salt gets tracked through the hallways. It’s not an option to not treat the sidewalks, but it poses a threat to the carpets furnishing the floor. If left untreated, the carpet's life expectancy is greatly diminished, but SERVPRO of NW Monroe County offers commercial services that includes commercial carpet cleanings.

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County’s technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and are licensed to perform commercial services such as carpet cleanings. They have special carpet cleaning solutions to remove stains. It is better to have the carpets cleaned sooner rather than later to best prevent rock salt from causing lasting stains. In addition to carpet cleaning services with stain treatments, carpets should be vacuumed more frequently in the winter for best care.

If you need to schedule a commercial carpet cleaning service, think about giving SERVPRO of NW Monroe County a call. They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and they make it their job to make it "Like it never even happened." They are family-owned and operated and have serviced the Monroe County area for generations. If you have any questions, give the office a call at (585) 723-1990, visit their website, or contact them on Facebook!

Reminder: Check Your Water Faucets!

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

As we’re headed toward the spring time, it is important to begin to think about the potential dangers of water damage during the spring. One likely threat of spring time water damages are outdoor water faucets. An outdoor water faucet experiences the harsh winter weather and can freeze and burst.

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County is here to remind its patrons to check their outdoor water faucets. The best way to do this takes two people. One person inside and one person outside. The person inside stands by the pipe that leads to the outside faucet, while the outside person turns the faucet on. If there is a water leak, the water should be shut off to prevent any water damages. Contact a plumber to have the issue resolved.

If the problem is not caught in time and your home suffers a water damage, contact SERVPRO of NW Monroe County to employ their water damage mitigation services. They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and they make it their job to make it “Like it never even happened.” If you have any questions, give the office a call at (585) 723-1990, visit their website, or contact them on Facebook!

Major Storm? We're Here for You.

3/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County is the best emergency fire and water damage restoration company in Rochester, NY. With nearly 30 years of experience, the professionals at SERVPRO of NW Monroe County are your first line of defense against mold, fire, water and storm damage. Yet, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County offers more than just emergency storm damage cleanup services, and they will even help you with your insurance claim. There’s only one choice when it comes to fire, water, and storm damage restoration. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County will be there for you when you need them most.

When a fire or flood strikes your home or business, it can do untold damage to the interior or the structure of the building, causing you to need fire damage repair or water extraction services. With emergency respondents ready to go, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County will mitigate the storm damage as much as possible. In addition to cleaning up the interior of your home or office, SERVPRO of SW Monroe County knows how to report, track, and investigate emergency situations to help you with the insurance claim process. Most homes and commercial buildings have flood and fire insurance built in. When disaster strikes, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County will help you fill out your insurance claim paperwork correctly and give you the information you need to know how to get a sizable return.

Trust the experts at SERVPRO of NW Monroe County for all of your storm damage and fire restoration needs. They offer thorough carpet cleaning and water extraction services to restore your home or office to the way it was. Call SERVPRO of NW Monroe County at (585) 723-1990 or visit them online for more information.

Helpful Tips to Prepare for a STORM!

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

How do you prepare for a power outage? Whether it’s stocking up on nonperishable supplies or formulating a plan of action with the rest of the family, there are numerous ways homeowners can ensure they’re ready. One of the steps you may not have considered, however, is to schedule an inspection with a local water and storm damage restoration company. If you’re curious to learn more about power outage preparedness and what you can do, talk with the experts at SERVPRO of NW Monroe County. They specialize in storm damage restoration services and will be happy to supply the assistance you’re looking for.

Besides ensuring your home is structurally sound, the water damage restoration experts also recommend the following three tips for power outage preparedness:

  • Create an Emergency Kit: Always have an emergency kit on hand. This should include first aid supplies, light blankets, flashlights, water bottles, energy bars, and other nonperishable essentials to help you survive several hours without electricity.
  • Fill the Gas Tank: Don’t be left stranded with no transportation. Since gas pumps function on electricity, it’s a good idea to fill your vehicle’s tank at least half full, so you can get the entire family to a safe place if need be.
  • Purchase a Generator: If you have appliances or equipment that shouldn’t be without electricity for long periods, then you should consider purchasing a generator. It shouldn’t have to provide electricity for the entire house, but it should have enough power to sustain those few pieces of equipment.

Discover how you can be better prepared for the next power outage by contacting SERVPRO of NW Monroe County. They are knowledgeable about storm damages! One of the knowledgeable staff members at SERVPRO of NW Monroe County will be available to answer any questions you may have. Visit their website for additional information about their carpet cleaning and storm damage restoration services.

Family & Property Safety Comes First

3/18/2021 (Permalink)

Fires can be devastating to a home with the fire damages, damages to property support beams and damages to other stabilization mechanisms. While structural damages are likely to be an aftermath of fire damages, they can also occur after a brutal storm as well. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County would like to focus on stabilization damages after a fire or storm and offer tips on how to handle stabilization damages.

First things first, after any fire that causes fire damages to your property or a storm that caused damages to your property, evacuate your family. Safety should be the number one priority. After everyone is safe, property stabilization is the next step. This could include construction, or just boarding up a part of your home after fire damages or a storm. A professional should be employed to ensure that there are no secondary damages that may occur, such as animal intrusion or water damages. The family that operates SERVPRO of NW Monroe County chose this line of work so that families going through these hard times do not have to worry about hiring trustworthy companies to remedy fire damages and structural damages.

After a rough storm or a fire that leaves fire damages and structural damages leaves your family in an awful predicament, trust a company like SERVPRO of NW Monroe County to help get you back to your feet. They have been in this line of work for generations and have been trusted by the people of Monroe County and Livingston County to help make home disasters and company disasters “Like it never even happened.” With questions, call the office at (585) 723-1990, visit the website, or find them on Facebook!

Say Goodbye to Smoke Odor

3/17/2021 (Permalink)

During a home fire, there are about a million troubles and worries that a homeowner face. Knowing how troublesome home emergencies are was the inspiration for SERVPRO of NW Monroe County to become a thing. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County partners with homeowners (and business owners too) to make fire damages “like they never happened!” But how do they take care of the aftermath of fire damages, like smoke damages?

Smoke damages are one branch of the different types of fire damages, but it is important to understand the behavior of smoke. Smoke rises to the upper levels of structures, so during the fire damage mitigation process, the SERVPRO of NW Monroe County will examine upper levels of a structure to inspect the insulation. Insulation can trap smoke and allow the smell to linger, long past the fire. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County’s team will remove the odorous insulation and then use special chemicals and cleaning techniques to remove the smell from a home. They partner with their clients through the whole process to alleviate all of their clients worries.

If you find yourself in the stressful situation of a home fire and have fire damages, reach out to a company who will be there for you, like SERVPRO of NW Monroe County. They are committed to their clients and to making it “Like they never happened.” If you have any questions, give the office a call at (585) 723-1990, visit their website, or contact them on Facebook!

Is your business office CLEAN?

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of NW Monroe County is known for fire damage repair and water damage restoration, but you don’t have to wait for disaster to strike to contact them. SERVPRO cleaning services and other commercial services erase the messes of everyday living to keep your office safe and clean.

Everyone in your office will breathe more easily after SERVPRO professionally cleans your carpets, upholstery, and air ducts. Dust and dirt collected in the air and fabrics in your office can aggravate allergies and trap odors. Regular commercial service cleanings extend the life of your carpets and your HVAC system, saving you money in the long term.

If you operate a business, you are responsible for the daily health and safety of your employees. That means providing a clean work environment. From regular maintenance like air duct and carpet cleaning to bigger issues like moisture problems, vandalism, or biohazard cleanup, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County can help with the commercial services they offer. You can expect professional commercial service for your office building, hotel, restaurant, or virtually any other business, providing the best impression to your clients with minimal disruption to their service.

SERVPRO technicians aren’t just another cleaning crew. The staff adheres to Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards to ensure that you receive the most qualified commercial service possible. SERVPRO technician certifications include Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) for mold and sewage remediation and SCI/SPI/SEN Carpet Inspector certification.

Don’t forget that while they are happy to help with regular commercial services, SERVPRO also offers 24-hour emergency service in the unfortunate event of fire, flood, storm damage, and most other types of emergency damage repair and restoration, including emergency fire damage repair and storm damage restoration. To learn more about how SERVPRO of NW Monroe County can keep your home or business clean and safe, call them at (585) 723-1990, visit their website, or like their Facebook page!

Emergency Commercial Services

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

You may have a plan in place for a flat tire or when your car breaks down, but when it comes to fire damage repair or water damage restoration, how do you handle the unexpected and begin the cleanup process? Luckily, this is where the professionals come in.

Trained technicians from SERVPRO of NW Monroe County in Rochester, NY, are available 24 hours a day to come in and take care of all your home or business cleaning and restoration needs.

Locally owned and operated, SERVPRO of SW Monroe County is readily available to handle emergency cleanup and restoration services for both commercial and residential properties in Rochester and surrounding areas. They are a well-known industry leader, and they will arrive armed with their expertise and any equipment needed to get your cleanup and restoration done right.

With SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, you'll get highly trained and certified technicians, fast 24- hour service, and the use of advanced industry technology and techniques to ensure your commercial services are done quickly and effectively.

A few of the emergency commercial services they provide include storm and water damage restoration, fire damage repair, and commercial mold remediation. In addition, they don’t just handle emergencies or natural disasters. These professionals also offer carpet cleaning and other commercial services as well. During a home renovation, if you discover a mold problem, contact SERVPRO of NW Monroe County and they will handle the entire mold remediation process for you. They will inspect the area, access your property, and tackle everything from mold cleaning to carpet cleaning and water damage restoration. With their help, not only is your home clean, but safe as well.

The services listed are just a small portion of what SERVPRO of NW Monroe County offers. Their trained professionals are always available to serve you whether you need services or just have a few questions you'd like to ask. They will help with insurance paperwork and handle all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Visit their website or contact them on Facebook for more information.

Do you know about - Dry Smoke & Wet Smoke?

3/13/2021 (Permalink)

While a home fire can wreak all sorts of fire damage havoc in a home, the smoke can cause just as much fire damage. However, did you know that there are two types of smoke? Wet smoke and dry smoke each have unique behavior and characteristics that affect your property in different ways.

Wet smoke and residue come from the burning of plastics and rubbers. Dry smoke and residue come from the burning of paper and wood. The major difference with the types of smoke is that dry smoke residue is very ashy and dry, while wet smoke smears. In addition to the types of smoke and fire damage, smoke behavior is important to take into account. Smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels. Smoke also tends to flow through plumbing, so when mitigating fire damages, there may be more damage to the pipes than expected. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County is a family-owned national franchise that specializes in both water and fire damages and are equipped to handle the aftermath of any home emergency.

Fire damages can be devastating, in the moment, or in the aftermath with the smoke damages. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County specializes in water and fire damage mitigation as well as commercial cleanings and mold remediation. If you have any questions, call the office at (585) 723-1990, visit the website, or find them on Facebook!

We're SERVPRO, We Know Fire Restoration

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

Is restoration possible after a fire blazes through your property? If you live in and around Rochester, NY, thanks to the innovative and proven strategies available from SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, fire damage repair is not only possible, it’s available right when you need it.

When a fire strikes, firefighters use water to calm the fire. This leaves you facing both water damage and fire damage. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County can handle both of these issues. They will work quickly to stop damage as soon as possible. An assessment of the damage is completed, and to prevent any further need for repairs, tarps are installed when necessary. If signs of water are detected, water excavation services are completed right away using specialized tools. Next, their trained technicians move on to eradicate any signs of smoke or soot from all the surfaces in the home.

When you hire SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, you can count on:

  • Fast Response Times: The company promises to respond immediately to your fire damage emergencies. The sooner a professional responds, the faster fire damages can be contained.
  • Certified Technicians: Their team of trained specialists include Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) and Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (SRT). Their experts can also tackle carpet cleaning, mold remediation, and more.
  • Their Approach: The company prides itself in a restore vs. replace mentality, which can save you money in the long run. This approach also allows you to keep sentimental pieces.

For more information on the fire restoration services offered by SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, visit them on Google, Facebook or call (585) 723-1990 for emergency fire damage repair.