Recent Before & After Photos

Power Outage Causes Sump Pump to Fail in Rochester, NY Home

The customer’s home in the pictures shown is in Rochester, NY. This customer suffered water damage from a severe wind storm that knocked out the power for... READ MORE

Ice Dam Causes Damage in Rochester, NY Home

In Rochester, NY, during the winter time, ice can build up on rooftops and create ice dams. These ice dams can cause severe structural damage once they melt and... READ MORE

Water Damage in Basement of Home in Rochester, NY

This customer’s home is located in Rochester, NY. The basement in this home suffered water damage after a pipe burst and affected the entire basement. The... READ MORE

Mold in Basement of Home in Rochester, NY

This is a customer’s home that is located in Greece, NY. The basement was heavily affected with mold after a large amount of water and moisture sat withou... READ MORE

Mold in Utility Room, Rochester NY

The pictures shown are of mold that was discovered inside the utility room of a local Rochester, NY apartment building. After being tested, the property managem... READ MORE

Fireplace Fire in Rochester, NY

This fire occurred in a home in Spencerport, NY. The home was severely affected by a fire that started in the homes fireplace. The images here show the ability ... READ MORE

Fire in home of Rochester, NY Basement Mitigation

The fire shown in these images occurred in a residential home in Rochester, NY. This fire occurred in the basement of the home from a fan that was blowing on th... READ MORE

Machine Shop in Rochester, NY Suffers Fire Damage

This is a very large fire that occurred in Rochester, NY. It is a Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machine Shop that had an electrical fire that was started in one o... READ MORE

Large Office Building Suffers Water Damage

This is a brand new office building in downtown Rochester, NY. A pipe burst and was not noticed until the following day, which means the water was running for m... READ MORE

Kitchen Remodel after Water Loss

This home located in Brockport, NY suffered a water damage loss after a pipe under the kitchen refrigerator burst. The water damages were so extensive that the ... READ MORE