Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Speed is Key

This basement in Rochester, NY flooded, which is not unusual for the area in the spring time. However, many people still fail to notice for quite some time, especially if they're part of a working family household. So, the faster the response once it is noticed, the less likely there is to be torrential amounts of damage. Luckily this family called SERVPRO of NW Monroe County to make it "Like it never even happened." We responded as soon as we got the call and soon they'll be able to resume playing pool instead of their basement seeming like it is a pool.


When it comes to fire and smoke remediation and mitigation, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County likes to take any creative approach that will solve the issue as well as reduce damage expenses. In this photo, we used Ice-blasting to remove soot from surfaces that were effected by the fire. Ice-blasting uses dry-ice as if it were sand or baking soda in a sand-blasting or soda-blasting. Ice-blasting is a great way to reduce the cleanup costs because after it makes contact with the surface and removes the soot, the ice simply evaporates. No cleanup is required afterwards.

Ready to GO!

Here at SERVPRO of NW Monroe County, we're always ready to go! No matter what the job requires we're just a call away. We are proud to have excellent response times and have a structured procedure we follow when responding to all incidents.

We'll show up to the job focused and oriented around the unique situation that the customer is in. We understand that each situation is different. Call SERVPRO to make sure that industry-best practices and resources are applied to your situation! No one makes it "Like it never even happened" like SERVPRO of NW Monroe County.

Good Dog!

WE LOVE DOGS here at SERVPRO of NW Monroe County. This is Bella, a frequent visitor and office favorite here. She's a Vizsla, a lab-like breed from Hungary. Very smart and great at catch as you can see in the photo. We know first hand that dogs are sometimes the cause of damage, and we're pros at handling them. Don't hesitate to share your dog with us!

Best Equipment in the Industry

When we arrive at a water damage, this equipment travels with us. This equipment is top of the line, best in industry as far as water mitigation goes. This is why you choose SERVPRO. SERVPRO will show up with best-in-industry equipment and ensure that whatever damage is present is mitigated immediately. After an initial setup process it won't be long until the damage is reversed and we can start the remediation process. Every step of the way we'll ensure that everything is done right. When we're done it'll be "Like it never even happened."

Soda Blasting

Sometimes a fire that is caught early can be mitigated in unique and better ways. Soda Blasting can remove soot and minor charring from wood and other surfaces. This saves time and money by avoiding a reconstruction overhaul, and is both cleaner and safer than painting over the burns.