Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Pipe Broke in Rochester, NY Office Building

The office in the picture shown suffered severe water, and structure damage from a pipe that burst inside. After a large winter ice storm, the pipe froze, then melted and burst causing all of the damage shown.

Flood in Rochester, NY Garage

The garage pictured suffered from damage and much from a flood caused by a severe rainstorm in Rochester, NY. The flood affected the entire garage leaving mud and debris everywhere. The home-owner's contents were also affected, however SERVPRO of NW Monroe County helped clean both the contents and the floors of the garage.

Ice Storm Roof Damages

After an ice storm, there can be untold damages. For example, the damages for this house were on the roof. This could have been a danagerous situation, but the homeowners made the right choice leaving it up to the professional to fix the damages.

Storm Wreaks Havoc on Homes Walls

A wind and rain storm came whipping through Rochester and caused this home some major damages. The strength of the wind and rain tore away at the homes walls. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County was able to mitigate these damages within a day.

Lightning Strikes a Roof

After lightning struck this home's ceiling, the ceiling crashed to the floor. Talk about major storm damages! SERVPRO of NW Monroe County came on site to patch up the roof and clean the damages that were left.

Ceiling Caves after Wind Storm

This home in northern Monroe County suffered some major storm damages after a wind storm happened. SERVPRO of NW Monroe County was able to step in and tarp the roof for this home while they waited for a contractor to repair the damages.