Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Machine Shop in Rochester, NY has Electrical Fire

The picture shown is one of a local machine shop located in Rochester, NY. The cause of this fire was electrical from the machine. Once it caught fire the entire shop was affected. SERVPRO cleaned and returned the shop to its original state so that business could resume as quickly as possible!

Smoke Damage Inside Rochester, NY Home

This photo is from a fire  that occurred in a home in Rochester, NY. The walls and insulation suffered severe damage including, soot and smoke odor. All of the walls and insulation required demolition and complete replacement.

Machine Shop in Rochester, NY has Electrical Fire

This photo is of a machine shop in Rochester, NY. One of the machines caused an electrical fire causing damage, soot, and smoke odor throughout the entire shop.

Oven Fire

Electrical fires are no joke. After this oven caught on fire, the whole home went up in flames. Luckily, SERVPRO of NW Monroe County was there to provide top notch fire mitigation services.

House Fire in Branchport NY

In November of 2007, one of our very own employees lost their house to a chimney fire, that started in their living room and spread throughout the entire house. What ever the fire didn't damage the water from the fire hoses did. The family had to knock down there 1800s remodeled home and start all over. The family was grateful that no one was hurt during the fire and that they were able to get all their pets out before it was too late.

Spiderwebs? I think Not!

A fire smoldered throughout a house in Bergen. What pictured here may look like spider webs to just a regular person. But to us SERVPRO professionals we know these are smoke webs, cause by a fire. To remove them we have to use special HEPA vacuums, then wash the wall and ceiling. These webs were found all throughout the house on every level.

Chimney/Fireplace Fire

Chimney are one of the most common causes of fires. Most of the time its because they are not cleaned out properly. Don't let this happen to you. Make sure you hire a chimney sweeper to come out and properly clean your fireplace before starting it back up during those cold winter months.